About Us

In 1957, Sarıgözoğlu established by İsmail Sarıgözoglu in İzmir, Turkey. Sarıgözoğlu serves  to leaders  of the automotive sector such as Ford, Tofaş, Mercedes, Renault, Bosch, Bmw, Volkswagen, Audi, Bently, Jaguar, Porsche with the experience and knowledge. Sarıgözoğlu built new plants in  Manisa (1976), Aksaray (1999) and Bursa (2009). Currently, Sarıgözoglu is working on business segment of stampings and  die manufacturing   with its 4 plants in 3 different locations with 1015 employees and  continues  with  making investment.

Sarıgözoğlu is a  supplier in automotive industry which produces from chassis parts to big outer skin panel parts  called cosmetics of a car, and assembling of these parts by robotic welding systems.

Even though Sarıgözoğlu produces mainly for automotive industry, but also produces white goods parts, especially inner and outer combi parts to Bosch in Turkey, France, Germany and UK. 

Sarıgözoglu has a customer based business culture and proceed each tool production as a project mentality. A project begins with feasibility studies and simulations, then continues with production planning and finishes production with  try- outs  under press; includes also pattern manufacturing.

Sarıgözoğlu meets its  domestic and foreign customer expectations  with its  quality ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and Q1 Award.

Sarıgözoglu keeping human values above all, is a socially responsible company which gives scholarship to students and also emphasizes  on internal and external employee training opportunities. Recently an educationa l facility was established , aimed at employment of technical personnel with employment guarantee, within its own facilities.