In our Design Center, which was registered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey in 2018, innovation activities based on improving the functionality and properties of molds, which provide added value and competitive advantage to our company, are carried out. In Design Center projects, design, design verification and validation processes related to project activities are operated.,

Our Design Center carries out innovative work with both internal and external customers on the basis of mold-part design, sheet metal forming, trial productions, practice studies, welded manufacturing, fixture design, mechanical joining methods.

In addition, within the scope of order-based design activities with universities, customers and supplier companies, quality and productivity increase in areas such as simulation, image processing, optimization, underpress adaptive component design and new product development studies for the country and the world are based on their short, medium and long term strategies. carries out.

We have 1 patent application, numbered 2019/04802, titled "A New Upper Ejector Mechanism That Can Be Installed on a Press Machine That Eliminates the Requirement of Using Gas Cylinder in Molds".