Sarıgözoğlu A.Ş, which started its activities with sheet metal die in 1957, has considered the tool and die sector as a priority sector since then. The facility, which was moved from İzmir to Manisa in 2005 as Sarıgözoğlu Tool and Die Factory, operates on an area of ​​18,500 m2.

The R&D Campus, which was established in the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 2005 and currently continues its Design, Education and R&D activities, provides die and tool design, sheet metal forming,, both to our press metal facilities as domestic customers and to OEMs as external customers. It carries out innovation studies on the basis of trial, practice studies, welded manufacturing, fixture design, mechanical joining methods, product testing and visual inspection, automation and robotic systems, digitalization and sustainability in production activities.

In addition, it carries out studies on topics such as simulation, die casting and material development, image processing, optimization, under-press adaptive component design, additive manufacturing within the scope of order-based R&D activities with universities, customers and supplier companies.

End-to-end R&D and Innovation activities are carried out at Sarıgözoğlu R&D Campus, from design, simulation, method, model production, feasibility, mold production and on-site commissioning.