As SARIGÖZOĞLU A.Ş, which continuosly develops its ability to shape the material by combining tradition and technology, we are;

  • To increase the satisfaction of our customers in their experiences by ensuring the continuity of our product and service quality,
  • Effective use of natural resources; we aim to leave a livable environment for future generations by preventing pollution and protecting the environment with our approach to energy consumption, carbon emission, waste reduction and proper disposal of non-recyclable wastes,
  • To make a difference in the sector by producing new generation products in addition to our existing product portfolio,
  • To continuously improve product and material quality by establishing mutually beneficial supplier relationships,
  • To become competitive by increasing our productivity by constantly following and using technological developments and innovations,
  • To fulfill national and international conditions and other requirements, including legal and customer expactations, covering our activities,
  • To continuously support the development of our employees, who are the most important value of our company,
  • To continuously improve our management systems performance,

We aim and commit.