Vocational Training Center

In the 2013-2014 academic year, we started with approximately 50 students in July. We started our work as Manisa Yunus Emre Vocational Training Center Sarıgözoğlu Branch. We are currently touching the future of more than 150 students in our 3 factories. Lessons are currently being taken from our 4 teachers.

They take theoretical lessons one day a week. They take all technical courses such as technical drawing, computer aided drawing, along with the scope of general education courses such as mathematics, literature and history. On other working days, they perform on-the-job training with their masters. On-the-job learning is essential to us. As our founder İsmail Sarıgözoğlu often said, “Every Work Has a Reading and Weaving”.

We enable them to specialize in the field of machinery technology, industrial mold production. In our other factories, we have students in sheet metal work, welding technology and maintenance.

We have cooperation with Nilüfer Atatürk Anatolian Technical and Vocational List in Bursa. We are excited to start our work in our Aksaray factory in the 2022-2023 academic year.

At the end of 4 years in the education period, they get a vocational high school diploma and step into business life.

«As Sarıgözoğlu A.Ş; Our aim is to find a solution to the potential intermediate staff need of the Turkish industry. Levent Sarigözoglu»