Message From the Board of Directors

It has been 65th year of our establishment. While initially providing supply services to regional customers in Izmir and Manisa, we have taken important steps towards becoming national and global since the beginning of the 2000s. As a result, we have come to serve world automotive giants, OEMs such as Ford, TOFAŞ, Renault, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Audi, Volkswagen. We make dies of all sheet metal parts such as cabin, hood, trunk, roof, door, chassis fender of all vehicles in the portfolio of these brands and produce sheet metal parts. The automotive industry has entered a period in which new generation technologies are used and environmentally friendly, electric vehicles are produced. Again, the sector has come a long way in the use of hydrogen fuel, especially in heavy commercial vehicles. As Sarıgözoğlu, we are a strategic partner in the production of both electric vehicles and hydrogen fueled heavy commercial vehicles.


We are currently serving with 4 factories in 3 provinces, two of which are in Manisa and the others are in Bursa and Aksaray. We started a new factory investment in Gölcük, very close to Ford Otosan to serve directly. Here, we will produce the inputs of Ford's new model vehicles, as well as electric vehicles. Our goal is to finish the construction by the end of 2022 and start trial production in the first quarter of 2023. Currently, the production of parts to be produced with new raw materials, suitable for new technology, for new generation vehicles is carried out in other facilities as prototypes. The mass production of these will also take place in the Gölcük factory.  We have been serving the leading automotive brands of Europe from our Manisa die factory for many years. Here, we have a Design Center established under the Law No. 5746. We are continuing our work to turn this into an R&D Center in a short time. We pay substantial attention to receive R&D grants. One project successfully completed via TUBİTAK grants. Two patent applications are in line, one of them is granted successfully.  Now, the 3rd generation representatives of our family have started to actively take part in the company and increase their activities. Our young generation is introducing innovations within the framework of their wide ranging worldview and educational background. They are watching the world and will mark the next period. They have assumed active responsibility in matters such as restructuring, digitalization and innovation.


We work together in an harmonic structure with our employees, customers, non-governmental organizations and education, research and higher education institutions within the framework of our motto of institutionalization in the warmth of family. It's an ecosystem. Our goal is to prepare Sarıgözoğlu and its ecosystem for the coming years, and even to reinforce its role as an important player in shaping the future. With our belief in ourselves in this matter, Sarıgözoğlu will continue to maintain its effective position among the pioneering and leading institutions in the sector.