To realize our goal of “Being a Part of the Journey to the Future”;

  • We follow the world and the future, and we associate our strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals in order to be a part of a livable world.
  • With the awareness of transferring our ability to shape materials to future generations, we care about contributing to our industry by raising new craftsmen.
  • We fulfill our responsibilities to our shareholders and the state with our accountable, transparent governance approach, and become a role model for our next generation members.
  • We act with the awareness of being good individuals, mutual respect, the power of diversity and the added value created by the differences between individuals, not only in Business but also in Life.
  • We strive to ensure that our employees come to work in good health and return to their homes in good health, and we carry out improvements by ensuring employee participation in order to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.
  • We believe that women shape the future and we support gender equality. We care about female employee employment
  • We strive for our customers to have a good experience in all their interactions with us and to be proud of being a solution partner.
  • To leave a livable environment for our children; We take responsibility for global climate change, carry out activities to reduce carbon emissions, work in accordance with the principles of the use of renewable energy sources and circular economy, monitor our performance and carry out activities to improve it.
  • We are aware that digitalization is a part of our lives. With the mission of carrying the craft to the future with digital technologies, we are implementing our strategies for the digitalization of our systems, including the use of technology.
  • In order to reveal the creative ideas of our employees, we ensure the spread of innovation and creativity culture within the company with our suggestion system, and we develop our innovation approach to include all our stakeholders.
  • We strive to provide benefits to the society with our goal of creating employment, our efforts to recruit qualified employees to the society and the sector, and our social responsibility projects. We share our principle of not employing child labor with our stakeholders.



As SARIGÖZOĞLU A.Ş, which continuosly develops its ability to shape the material by combining tradition and technology, we are;

  • To increase the satisfaction of our customers in their experiences by ensuring the continuity of our product and service quality,
  • Effective use of natural resources; we aim to leave a livable environment for future generations by preventing pollution and protecting the environment with our approach to energy consumption, carbon emission, waste reduction and proper disposal of non-recyclable wastes,
  • To make a difference in the sector by producing new generation products in addition to our existing product portfolio,
  • To continuously improve product and material quality by establishing mutually beneficial supplier relationships,
  • To become competitive by increasing our productivity by constantly following and using technological developments and innovations,
  • To fulfill national and international conditions and other requirements, including legal and customer expactations, covering our activities,
  • To continuously support the development of our employees, who are the most important value of our company,
  • To continuously improve our management systems performance,

We aim and commit.